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Full Version: [Hire] Portal and Forum Template Designer
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Hello guys,

I'm looking for a skilled mybb member to make me a template/theme(?) that will look something like:

Please remember this! I DON'T want ANY graphics related work! Only the "raw" source code for the portal and forum.

Please remember this 2! It should be based on Apart1 theme AND I want that "Featured" Banner Rotator on the portal.

I also want performance, I don't want to see the portal loading up in 1 minute or so xD.

About the pay: We can talk about it over PM Smile

REMEMBER I don't want anything related to graphics work, ONLY the source for portal/forum that will look like this page:

I will pay via PAYPAL, and ONLY paypal Big Grin
........ what?
(09-09-2011, 10:53 PM)PJGIH Wrote: [ -> ]........ what?

He wants a second portal :p.
So anyone? Smile
(09-10-2011, 12:46 PM)Berlo Wrote: [ -> ]

It's not his site - he just wants a similar layout Wink
Yeah Big Grin I just want a similar layout