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Full Version: [TuT]: MyBB PHP Website Firewall (with logs)
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Works With Both MyBB 1.4x And 1.6x
Cred: Dark Byte

PHP Firewall is a small free PHP script, but secure all websites writen in PHP.

PHP Firewall required PHP 5.
PHP Firewall doesn't use any database, but flatfile system.
It's very small, very simple, really easy to install and fastest.
PHP Firewall have is own logs system and email alert.
No .htaccess file required for betters performances

Security listing
* XSS protection
* UNION SQL Injection protection
* Bads bots protection
* Bads requests methods protection
* Small DOS protection
* Inclusion files protection
* Santy and others worms protection
* Server Protection
* URL Query protection
* Cookies sanitize
* Post vars sanitize
* Get vars sanitize
* IPs range reserved denied
* IPs range spam denied
* IPs protected
* Unset globals PHP var


How To Install:
Change The logs.txt CHMOD To 777 So Its Writeable To collect logs.
Upload the php-firewall to your site directory
Then in global.php add the code below after < ?php
define('PHP_FIREWALL_REQUEST_URI', strip_tags( $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ) );
if ( is_file( @dirname(__FILE__).'/php-firewall/firewall.php' ) )
    include_once( @dirname(__FILE__).'/php-firewall/firewall.php' );

Enjoy your simple php firewall.
Can anyone confirm this?
Works fine, I used this ages ago. I even made a plugin for it.

More like an IDS than a firewall, but still effective.
Alright just installed, will let you know if any problems occur. Does this really help site security though and are there any known incompatibility issues?
It won't really help security, as MyBB pretty much is secure enough against most of them, but it will tell you when people are launching attacks against your forum.
please where do i get the global.php ?
(2011-10-01, 09:42 AM)brilly Wrote: [ -> ]please where do i get the global.php ?
Its in root (main) folder only, lol.

I have installed but do not see anything else?
It prevents ip Vietnam!
I have done this but where do I see if anyone was to attack my forum?
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