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Full Version: Buying forum
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I am buying a forum. i am not gonna put my budget but put the forums url and price!
What topic are you looking for? Any idea with specific niche?
I am just looking for and at really any forum I will look at anything with over 1,000 members 10,000 post and 300 topics
Three dollars
LoL Big Grin
3 Dollars, is only the domain.
Undecided ..
(2011-09-14, 12:38 PM)nadlerz Wrote: [ -> ]This Forum: ?
Your price is 3USD?
LoL, I'm earning 100 to 150 USD a month in google adsense .
Let him troll.

(2011-09-14, 01:26 PM)crazy4cs Wrote: [ -> ]Let him troll.

Exactly that is all it is worth is the domain its not big at all and .info does boy really bring anyone
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