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Full Version: $100/month of advertising.
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I'm planning on investing over $100 USD on promotion and advertising for my website Spamville (which will be renamed and relaunched within the next couple of weeks).

Advertisements I am interested in:
  • Header banner.

You can contact me via:
  • Private messaging.
  • MSN Messenger.

I am only looking at fairly popular websites.
I am looking at advertising long term, I don't plan on only advertising for a single month.
I did contacted you earlier but after initial state, I got no replies. Though, am on finalizing with The Elite as we did make out a deal currently, though if you're interested, leeme know, ads after first post, footer would be still available for now, header spot is taken by him.
Sorry, was waiting until I got paid. I only really want header advertisement to be honest. Thanks anyway.
Forum spots only or are you okay with other types of site?
Not really, I just want header spots on websites. They get the most impressions.
Alright, if it doesn't get arranged with Elite over header spot, I'll let you know.

I can give you a banner advertisement under the redirect links on my site. PM me if interested.
Hello if you still looking for ad spaces then check out our forums Check out alexa ranking 13 position in google with serach term "online auctions uk "

I wouldn't feel right taking any more of your money >.> xD hahaha
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