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Full Version: Problem on Pages [MyBB 1.6.4]
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Our board is MyBB 1.6.4, but I have discovered a problem. Please check the following picture.

When I click the first or previous page on any page, it opens the same page I view. How can I solve this problem?

Is it related to our board? Or is it a bug related to 1.6.4? Please inform me.

Link? Test account?
I removed the test account info.

It can be related to any plugin?
I have no clue unless I have a link or test account.
It is related to a plugin. Thanks...
well, which plugin was it - let us know so that it might help others ...
It is related to a kind of seo plugin which is not published in mybb mods website. Only I use it as far as I know. Anyway I'm trying to solve the problem now.