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Full Version: Do I qualify for support on my new forum?
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I was wondering if I qualify for support, cause I'm making a new forum and here's my footer:
Quote:Powered By MyBB. All Content Property Of Everett777. Copyright © 2011 Everett777. All Rights Reserved. DMCA Protected. Theme by Synthd.

I was just wondering because I removed the other part......
yes i am pretty sure the only needed bit is powered by myBB with a link back

lol we meet again how many more threads are we both gonna be in
Toungue thanks Toungue Marked as solved
Refer to [wiki]HelpConfusedupport_eligibility[/wiki] for the full support eligibility policy. As long as you meet that, you'll be able to get support here.
Assuming the content of your site is okay then you are eligible for support. That powered by message is fine.