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Full Version: How to fix chmod settings?
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I have just installed a plugin in MyBB 1.6.3 called 'Automatic Subscriptions'. I had to copy one .php file to ./inc/languages. Then I noticed a warning on the Admin Control Panel:

Quote:1 of the required files and directories do not have proper CHMOD settings. Please change the CHMOD settings to the ones specified with the file below. For more information on CHMODing, see the MyBB Wiki.

The warning was for ./inc/languages and stated:

Quote:Not Writable Please CHMOD to 777.

I then did chmod 777 to that entire directory ./inc/languages but the warning remains.

Does something need refreshing or may there still be a wrong permission somewhere?

Best regards

Chmod the directory recursively.
You only need to do that if you want to edit the language files in the ACP, and you need to CHMOD the actual language files themselves.
Thanks Malcolm and Matt,

I did the chmod anyway:

chmod -R 777 ./inc/

and that cleared the warning.