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Full Version: Can I make my forum private
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Hi there,

I'm a bit of a newbie here - I've just installed MYBB on our website, and it'll all working well. However, the members of our organisation wanted a private forum - where posts aren't visible to people who don't have a login. Can I do this? Any help greatly appreciated.

Best regards,


This should be something you could use.
ACP >> forum and posts >>

Move to the forum you want to hide, click on options then permissions
admin panel --> users & groups --> Groups --> Guests --> forums and posts -->
Viewing Options -->

Can view board? <-- let it selected
Can view threads? <-- unselect
Can search forums? <-- unselect
Can view user profiles? <-- unselect
Can download attachments? <-- unselect

save user group ..
Do you want registered members to see or make it just invite only?