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Full Version: Footer Ads for Affiliate ad!
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Get a full size ad in the footer of in exchange for an affiliate ad on your site, preferably a gaming site (but not required).

To apply:

Put this code on your site:

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt=" - Zelda Forums"/></a>

PM me with your site and banner.

I will display your ad until you notify me otherwise, you take my ad off, or reaches 250 members.

Spots left: 10
Your Alexa Rank is so down 9,307,502
mine is 2,978,137 and no one come for even come for free ad spots ( The Thread which was posted for free ad spots on my sites) so sad Sad
However is there is any time limit or renewal date ?
How much maximum size of banner allowed ?
Also on my site i will put a banner of you of maximum 125 X 60 in size.
Let me know if you are intrested
Once your site grows I might do it
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