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Full Version: [Request] Download Section/Shop
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Scince the Mybb Mods forum is dead pretty much i decided to post it here to maybe get some more attention to it...

I was wondering if someone would make a Download Section that uses the cash/points mod that is already made ...

Basically it could be just like the current download section mod just want an option to charge them x amount of points/money and the users can submit downloads and charge money ...
The money doesn't need to go to the people that submited the download unless you really want to go into it and make it do that...

PM me if you think you would want to do this ....

--Options wanted ...:
- Have a Download Section Page
- Have conrtols in Admin CP like current download section
- Be able to charge Money for items
- Veiw who submited the item
- Compatible with current Cash Mod
--Optional :
- Money from buying item goes to the user who submited
- Veiw how many times download has been downloaded
- User able to hide his/her name
- Have a picture of the item

More information here:

Thanks in advance,
Acoolkid0009 Cool