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Full Version: [test/debug] TableGenerator
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I agree, this should be included in very core. Comparisons are very common these days and nothing is better than a table to compare things, so yes, I support this for core.
Table generator not displayed in edit post, is there a solution?
I want to install this on a production site, is this 100% bugless ? Besides what Tropic said
If you don't put width, everything is olive up or is it just me ?
just you, i don't have problems for put width, only missing table generator in edit post.
I have tryed to edit the plugin and add this:
require_once MYBB_ROOT."/inc/adminfunctions_templates.php";
	find_replace_templatesets('newreply', '#{\$smilieinserter}#', '{\$smilieinserter}<!-- TableGenerator -->{$tabgen_button}<!-- /TableGenerator -->');
	find_replace_templatesets('newthread', '#{\$smilieinserter}#', '{\$smilieinserter}<!-- TableGenerator -->{$tabgen_button}<!-- /TableGenerator -->');
	find_replace_templatesets('editpost', '#{\$smilieinserter}#', '{\$smilieinserter}<!-- TableGenerator -->{$tabgen_button}<!-- /TableGenerator -->');
// deactivate plugin
function tablegenerator_deactivate() {
	global $db;
	$db->delete_query("templates", "`title` = 'tg_button'");
	$db->delete_query("templates", "`title` = 'tg_generator'");
	require_once MYBB_ROOT."/inc/adminfunctions_templates.php";
	find_replace_templatesets('newreply', '#\<!--\sTableGenerator\s--\>(.+)\<!--\s/TableGenerator\s--\>#is', '', 0);
	find_replace_templatesets('newthread', '#\<!--\sTableGenerator\s--\>(.+)\<!--\s/TableGenerator\s--\>#is', '', 0);
	find_replace_templatesets('editpost', '#\<!--\sTableGenerator\s--\>(.+)\<!--\s/TableGenerator\s--\>#is', '', 0);
But is not working

But for a sollution until the plugin is up-to-date and the option is also on the edit page here a temporary sollution:

Go to: Templates & Styles>>Templates>>Your Theme Templates>>Edit Post Templates>>editpost


And add this code After:
<br><center><a href="#" onclick="MyBB.popupWindow('{$mybb->settings['bburl']}/misc.php?action=tablegenerator', 'TableGenerator', 660, 450);"><div style="background-color: #e5e5e5; width:173px; height:20px; border: 1px solid black"><b>TableGenerator</b></a></center>

Now the option works for open the TableGenerator!!

So when the plugin get the update to put the option in the edit section???
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