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Full Version: about 2 weeks!
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Its been about 2 weeks now, And still I don't know weather my thread in the 'theme releases' section has been approved or not! It meets all the requirements so there shouldn't be any troubles with it.

Either way, I just need to know weather or not it has been approved, It is quite discouraging for theme developers like myself having to wait ages for there thread to be approved/dis-approved.

I have seen other new threads appearing in that section so someone must been approving/declining. I have had no info as to weather mine has.

/Rant over.
Same here. My plugin thread in release and at mods site is submitted about 4 days by now, the process has gone very slow these days, tbh.
yes it gets frustrating, especially once the mod site submission has been approved, you'd think there would be a check for awaiting release threads.

i've got a release thread waiting since 9/30/11, not uncommon for me to have to send a PM after 7-10 days asking about it
I too sent PM the last time and created thread in private inquires as becoming frustrated, but Support STAFF got frustrated, and that is why, I don't want to PM this time.
Private Inquiries is a best place to ask IMO Toungue They respond to it quite frequent.
I second that. If you have an issue with plugin threads not being approved post it in private enquiries. Smile
Just PM a mod if it's over a week. Wink
Sometimes it takes a while for themes/plugins to be approved because the staff are busy with other things. If it takes more than 5 days you can post a thread in Private Inquires to bring it to our attention. I would advise against private messaging any member of staff, you're better off starting a thread in Private Inquires.

I've approved all the releases mentioned in this thread. Sorry for the delay.
We're working on it guys, please be patient.