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Full Version: Gift System
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Looking for someone to create a gift system which allows users to use their NewPoints cash to buy other members gifts (little images). Once someone purchases a gift to someone, the small icon is placed on that user's profile page.

If anyone can do this, can send $20 via PayPal for the time and effort.

Really just something simple.

Need to be able to add the name of the gift, small description of it and set a price.

Must be integrated with NewPoints 1.9

Let me know if this is of interest to anybody.
So basically, you want to be able to send other people items bought from the shop?
Well at the moment, I currently have NewPoints 1.9 with the shop. Great idea but, it's a little too off from what I would like. That shop allows you to buy from the shop, then send the gift manually. I just want users to be able to go to someone's profile and click BUY GIFT, for example and they are then taken to a page where they select the gift they want to give with price and description of the item and the amount is deducted from that person's credits.

NewPoints Shop is more of an "inventory" thing. I don't want people to be able to buy gifts and for it to be shown on their profile. Sort of defeats the objective.

Hope that makes it a little clearer.
Hey knerba, sounds like a simple enough request. Would you mind requesting it on our site and we'll start working on it ASAP Smile
Requested.... but does this mean I have a good chance of getting it done?
hmm as far i know you CAN buy items in newpoints + shop and send them to other users
just saying~~
You can also ask Yaldaram to code it for you and offer him the amount,
(2011-10-09, 05:01 AM)Knerba Wrote: [ -> ]Requested.... but does this mean I have a good chance of getting it done?

It means it will definitely get done Toungue
A little bit of an understatement huh?

I don't recommend MYBB MODS for plugins, stick to those like Pirata_Nervo and Yalderam.