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Full Version: Looking for MyBB Mod & Theme Developers (Free & Paid)
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In accordance with point 3 of the forum guidelines:

Quote:Offerings & Requests for MyBB theme and modification development both paid and free

I would like to invite MyBB modification and theme developers to list their resources and/or MyBB resource site(s) at BBResource.

We welcome both paid and free resources for MyBB software, and provide a storefront for developers to sell their products through our site via the Depot as long as they meet our reasonable requirements, such as offering support for paid mods/themes. Free mods/themes may be made available as-is, but all resources are tested before approval.

I don't even see a plugin or theme marketplace?
(2011-10-09, 06:29 PM)fizz Wrote: [ -> ]I don't even see a plugin or theme marketplace?

Probably this.
Yep, thank you Kavin. Smile