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Full Version: Website theme coming out weird?
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I recently downloaded and manually installed MyBB, along with a theme that I liked called "The Cure". I installed the images in the 'Upload' folder under the directory of 'Images", in the root directory of my forum.

The Image Directories look fine to me, however, my forum does not properly show the theme. Instead it shows this:
[Image: a02af68d88.png]

It is supposed to show something like this:
[Image: 7331-1281768266-index_top.jpg]

What should I do?

A link to your forum?
(2011-10-14, 03:24 AM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]A link to your forum?

Oh, sorry. It's here:

^ theme's stylesheets not loading !! this might help : theme css fix
I tried all of the instructions in that, but it still isn't working! D:
I'll try and re-upload the theme.
Are you sure you upload the "thecure" folder into images folder?
Yes, I am. However, I have now deleted the folder and am trying to upload it again.

Update: I re-tried installing it. The files are in this category: /public_html/forums/images/thecure
Am I doing something wrong?
^ after uploading that folder, have you imported the theme by using its xml file ?
Have you CHMOD cache and the theme folders inside it to 777 ? There is an issue fetching the CSS stylesheet.
Yup, I tried all of that. Now I have tried installing a different theme and it installed perfectly! Hoozah!