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Full Version: Adjustment
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I have uploaded this theme successfully but when I come to view it on my website the page is off. here are some screen shots


How do I fix the sides?
which theme you have used (give its link) ; forum URL please ... do you want to use complete
width for forums ? if guests can't see that theme on forums then provide a test user account
on the far right side of the forum it sticks out a lot and I would like to fix it to make it inside the forum the only pages that look like that are the main index and the thread views.
your problem is the with of .footero

.footero {
width: 940px;

fixed it
And find tborder

Change width to 960px and margin-left to 0
I did both those things you guys told me to do and nothing worked. any other suggestions
Are you sure you changed it in ACP -> templates & Styles -> Your theme -> global.css ?

Because when i see your code in Firebug, nothing seems to have changed.
kavin - I have done it again and it was successful on certain things. Having problems again...

1. When I click on my SEARCH, MEMBERS LIST, CALENDAR, HELP etc. links the footer area i notice the width has gone shorter.

2. When I click on register its way off.

3. when I click on a username to view their profile its way off.

4. when I click on FORUM TEAM and FORUM STATISTICS the footer are (width) is short.

5. the log-in page is off and the width of the footer is also short.

I really do appreciate your help and hope you can help me with these other error problems in the forum. Thanks so much in advance!
everything has been fixed!