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Full Version: Mysql query[Mark all pms as read for all users]
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What query can I run to do this in phpMyadmin?

When I converted from phpbb3 it marked all pms as unread so everybody has the annoying pm bar on their screens.
UPDATE mybb_privatemessages SET status='0' WHERE status!='0'
Hmmn that makred all pms as unread
Should i change them to both be 1?
Oh, whoops.

UPDATE mybb_privatemessages SET status='1' WHERE status='0' 

Ok i did that and the number of unread pms didnt change but now it says
You have 2468 unread private messages. The most recent is from MyBB Engine titled

for where the pm alert goes in the style. Do i need to rebuild a cache?\

Nevermind it fixed itself on its owned thanks.