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Full Version: Service is unavailable posting thread
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I have one user operating from a Windows 7 64bit machine (IE8) tricked out as a developer system (MS Developer tools) that receives the error "The service is unavailable" when attempting to post a thread. The thread appears to be posted to the database, since if the Forum Category is examined again (relaunch the Forum, or from another system), the new thread appears in the list (although with 0 views). However, if you attempt to then open the thread (from any location), you get the same "The service is unavailable" message.

In addition, if a thread created as described above, it cannot be deleted (from anywhere) without receiving the same message.

Note that the user was able to create Forums (as Administrator) from W7 machine. The same user is able to successfully post a thread from a Windows XP machine (IE8). I was able to use another W7-64 machine (IE9) without Dev tools to create threads successfully.

I wasn't able to spot anything on the Community Forum that resembled this. Has anyone else seen something like this before?
I'm guessing it's a problem with IE, not MyBB.
can you post here the content of the thread subject and post message, directly from the database? hopefully it does not contain sensitive info and can be made public. it may be a server configuration that is blocking the content from being output, or some protection on the one machine is blocking it.
Its really weird, because although I see the broken post in the browser when I look at the forum, it does not appear in the database, either in wsc_threads or wsc_posts (my DB is named wscforum, with prefix wsc). An adjacent thread successfully created from another machine in the same forum does appear in both of the tables.

A coworker suggested that it might be a setting on the problem computer or browser... possibly a cookie permission or something. The developer will check that out, and see if that is the issue. As I said in my first report, it is not IE specific, since I (professional S/W tester) knew to eliminate as many variables as possible. It is just this one system giving the problem. The developer can work around it for the time being, since he can remote into a number of other systems when he needs to use the forum. If we do resolve the issue, I'll report what we discovered here so that if others run into it, this will help them.
well, it has to be in the database otherwise it wont show in the forum, even as a broken post. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? do you even see the Post #x link on the top right of the post in question? if so, you can get the PID from that link and then see if you can find that post in the wsc_posts table.

From there you can get the TID and then look in wsc_threads.