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Full Version: Re-direct problems
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Hello community.
I have a problem.
My problem is about re-direct
I've created a mybb forum
i wanted put a redirect for
So i putted this .htaccess file:
Options +FollowSymLinks
 RewriteEngine on
 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^[nc]
 RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [r=301,nc]
 Redirect 301 / /index.html

But now when i try to join the website i have problems.
index.php doesn't work
i've tried to delete .htaccess file but nothing...
i've always: ...
Other pages like this works:
Any help, suggestion or other???
no redirect should be required for picking index.php from the folder !!
first remove .htaccess then check what is the cause for the redirect loops ...
i've deleted it but... you can see that i've always a page ->

when i try to find index.php !
you may be having index.html in the directory - if exists rename that as index_OLD.html ...
i did... but nothing . . .
i've find now ... index.php ... it was created when i've changed the index.html name in index_OLD.html ... but nothing... the old same error Sad
^ the forum is working now (at present) ...
it works with google chrome and firefox ... but not with IE9 -.-"

it was for cookies!! Nice... thank you... solved.
( +1 Wink )