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Full Version: MOD MyEditor Final editor WYS cho mybb
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that mean you will have post with WYSIWYG:
(dev from WYSIWYG editor (mybbirran))
(fix button video on WYS mode)

Add button on the editor with an option in the ACP, (you can see it in a new or modified MyCode)
Additional useful as latex bbcode ([tex]), tables for writing.
/ / I notice that most of the MyBB plugin table causes errors now break the interface. See this in [url] [/ url]
Added option to create table in myeditor is also quite interesting (you can add any options to tag menu [style]).
regex can filter out harmful components that may have broken page, javascript errors, such as id, style. But there is another way, is more flexible than with class style.
Admin can add in the css as a class. "Mibvn_abcd" etc. The editor can use the [style]:
[style class = "abcd"] only that simple
class can be combined
for example:
[style class = "vista optacti"] such
course to take effect with the class they need to add the class described in the css as. mibvn_vista. mibvn_opacti, etc
To get a better editor, I've been trying to stabilize its most simple without loss of MyBB
// I hope I will get feed back from mybb-er Smile.

Pass pack: mibvn
Pass MF:

patch: Copy it into jscript/ (after install mod)

Full story:
Do not have a screenshot?
Oh!, sorry
this-> screen shot
[Image: demoeditorc2.jpg]
Perhaps this editor has been overlooked?
The default editors of mybb are far better than this messy piece of work.