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Full Version: Thinking of switching to mybb
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My forum on Invision platform has been hacked several times in last week. Well.In these days I deciding to change over to some other more secure forum.
And my question for experts here is about converter. Can I convert aprox 100 mb of Invision power board over to MyBB?

Is Mybb enough secure against hackers?


xiaozhu Wrote:Well, the owner had stressed that this software will always be free...

MyBB has been constantly improving, from Release Candidates to Preview Releases to MyBB 1 and now 1.1.6. The MyBB Group has also been releasing security updates to heep the forum safe from exploits and SQL injections.

The next major update is MyBB 1.2 which includes clearing of some codes and adding new features.(Somehow almost every members are looking forward to it :p)

A Demo Board of MyBB 1.2 is here:

Theres also a converter from IPB 2.1.6 to MyBB. is 1 of the IPB Forums that have converted to MyBB.

Great. I found also converter on this site.

Honestly mybb or any forum software needs to be updated immediately after a patch is released. Mybb has had a tough couple months but they have been excellent at plugging the holes with great speed.

I have been fortunate but others who have been less diligent about updating were not so fortunate. Always remember to backup is the real answer.
It is true Labrocca. I am going to be hot for Mybb. But will be always afraid of hackers.

What I can say is that not every forum script is totally secure and free from hackers...same as for MyBB.

The best way is prevent hackers is to change the Admin Directory....

and also always update MyBB to the latest version.
MyBB is great, you just need to be smart enough to realize that keeping back ups of your website consistently is important.
You can also be extra secure and .htaccess password protect the admin cp directory.

And be sure to always check for updates, as they are probably security releases, with the exception of MyBB 1.2 and 1.4.
.htaccess your admin directory is a great idea

Well, I can say that I am going to convert as soon as I can but im waiting on the vB converter. Also on security, I think that MyBB is just as secure if not more secure than IPB, there are alot of security holes that those companies keep quiet that you probably dont know about.
Actually, not to support other BBS's or anything, most of them do fix as many holes as they can.

It's just the ones they don't know about that get hit.
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