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Full Version: remove BOLD from thread title
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How do I remove the boldness for thread titles?
1. Go to Admin CP > Templates & Style > Templates > Your Template Set > Show Thread Templates > showthread.

2. Find:

<span class="smalltext"><strong><a href="showthread.php?mode=threaded&amp;tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$pid}#pid{$pid}">{$lang->threaded}</a> | <a href="showthread.php?mode=linear&amp;tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$pid}#pid{$pid}">{$lang->linear}</a></strong></span>

3. Change to:

<span class="smalltext"><a href="showthread.php?mode=threaded&amp;tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$pid}#pid{$pid}">{$lang->threaded}</a> | <a href="showthread.php?mode=linear&amp;tid={$tid}&amp;pid={$pid}#pid{$pid}">{$lang->linear}</a></span>
Sorry, I don't mean the theaded and linear options, I mean the thread titles that people give when they post a new thread.

The ones that show on forumdisplay.php
Bump again Smile