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Full Version: Internal Server Errors because of CPU Usage
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Hi all,

I'm getting tons of 500 Internal Server Errors lately because my website is using so much of my providers CPU space, and my service is being bottlenecked.

This just started happening all of a sudden and I cannot trace the cause of what in the world is consuming nearly 1 GB of my memory allocations.

Does anyone know of what could be causing this?

your webhost should be able to trace the cause without much effort ! Edit : checked error log on the server ?

however try file verification tool & check templates for security ( both in tools & maintenance section )
My service just says I'm being throttled because I'm using so much memory. He says I'm using an entire CPU core, and I just don't understand how that happened so suddenly. I just switched my nameservers over to CloudFlare to redirect some resources to the cloud and I also deleted some old database backups which seemed to help temporarily.

I just wondered if there was some notorious mod or something like that on MyBB that could be consuming those resources as well. Thanks for your reply, going to keep trying to solve.
Here are some File Verification problems:

install/resources/mybb_theme.xml Changed
install/resources/upgrade20.php Changed
images/star_rating.gif Changed
polls.php Changed
inc/class_moderation.php Changed
inc/class_parser.php Changed
inc/languages/english/stats.lang.php Changed
Try to disable your shoutbox for the mean time.
Ok, let's get a few things straight:

1. Are you using too much MEMORY or too much CPU? They can be caused by different things
2. Who is your host
3. Have you asked your host to look and see if there are any errors, or if he can determine the problem?
1. I would say it's using too much memory. I may have gotten that confused with it being in tandem with the availability of the CPU.
2. Lithium Hosting
3. Yes, I've been speaking with them all day long and they have provided a few solutions like switching over to CloudFlare, fixing some .htaccess things and otherwise monitoring resource consumption. I've asked them if they can identify the problem, but that was a few responses ago in the conversation and they haven't identified anything.
EDIT: When I disabled the ShoutBox my resource usage went down dramatically. Thanks for that suggestion, but why would it consume so much?
(2011-10-30, 12:49 AM)Cjanz Wrote: [ -> ]When I disabled the ShoutBox my resource usage went down dramatically. Thanks for that suggestion, but why would it consume so much?

Does it show for guests?? Does it show on all pages?? How many people are on your forum at any one time?? Shoutboxes can cause high load simply because of what they are and a lot of people don't realise what they're going to be asking their server to do when they install a shoutbox. They have to constantly check the server for new shouts. This involves sending a request off to the server every few seconds, where it has to check for new shouts and send the results back. If you have a shoutbox show on every page, and show to guests, you have 50 people online, and the shoutbox checks for new shouts every 5 seconds, that's sending 600 requests to the server every minute, 10 requests every second. And that's just the shoutbox, there's still all the other requests and processing that every page has to do. And the more people you get, the worse it gets. I've seen some people with one that checks ever second, and with the same activity as what I described above, that's 300 requests a minute, with 50 a second. Some hosts end up blocking access to the file that performs the check because of the load it causes on the server. If you're using shared hosting, forget running a shoutbox.
Bottom line, remove the shoutbox. It's bad for a forum anyway. It kills your content.
Thanks to both of you for those responses! I'm not quite considering this solved because I still have some sporadic errors happening even without the ShoutBox. Is there a possibility that over a day or so the resources will balance back out?
Try to give it a day or two and keep track of your resource usage. Root out what other possible plugins that's causing those errors.
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