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Full Version: New Mod site suggestion
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Well, I know pirata is working hard on the mods site, and I have a suggestion. There should be the ability for other members to provide patches for old plugins. So for example, if a plugin is released for 1.4.x, and no update is released for 1.6.x, the mod DB should allow other mybb members to update the plugin, and add the patch to the database.

Maybe keep the patch in a separate box on the download page saying "Patches for 1.x.x for PLUGINNAME"

Basically treat every patch as a separate plugin, but link it into the main plugin page. Once the user follows the link to the patch, they are greeted by a normal plugin page with ratings/reviews etc...

It would just make it easier for some plugins, especially if they were initially released early on in an older branch of mybb, as more than just the compatibility version needs to be changed.
Maybe also allowing plugins history in the same page.

For example, Google SEO have two versions, one for MyBB 1.6.3 and lower, and another for 1.6.4 and up.

It will be helpful to allow different plugins versions in the same page. (At least plugins versions of the same MyBB series (1.4.x , 1.6.x , etc...)).

Maybe this doesn't sound related to this, if so, sorry..
Things like this have already been discussed staff side guys Smile