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Full Version: Mods page down???
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Are any of you having trouble getting to:

Was working a few days ago when I was looking at setting up MyBB for myself, and now that I have actually set it up and ready to start playing, the mod site seems to be down.

Just trying to make sure it isn't something from my end....I checked some of the news stuff, but didn't see any problems being reported. I also emailed the admin to see what they have to say.


The domain has moved to It may take a while before your DNS refreshes. This proccess usually takes about 24 hours
Tikitiki Wrote:The domain has moved to It may take a while before your DNS refreshes. This proccess usually takes about 24 hours

Thanks for the info.

Shouldn't someone post something on the original webpage to help point people to the new web address?

Also, I noticed a few MyBB "mod developers" had links pointing to the old web address from their own webpages. Looks like they weren't ready for this change either. I was trying to download something from a mod developers site, and it wasn't working, then I noticed that it was pointing to the old webpage.

the subdomain should work within 24 hours so there is no need to change the links. Anything linked to the mods site should have already been linked through the subdomain
The old address should still be used. is just the address it points to.

I was hoping it would be working when I got home tonight but apparently not. Hopefully, shouldn't be too much longer though.
This may sound like a dumb and a logical question(is that possible) but why do you have a domain for the forum another for th homepage and another for mods?
I would guess that Chris wants to keep the website and the forum separate in case something happens to either one.

The mods site is a subdomain but I think having it as another domain is a good idea. Makes it easier to type as well Toungue
MyBB Mods is owned by musicalmidget...if that means anything.
I think it's set up this way so if we unveil a new website or are doing major changes to the website and we need to password protect people can still access the forums.