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Full Version: help || header buttons
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i want to add a few buttons to my header:

a pm button, profile button , shop... and etc.

but i need it to be invisible for unregistered ( they will see just login/register buttons).

how do i edit the template?

and another question:

when i am rolling the page to the buttom, i see a white square appears in the center. the same when i am sending a pm, at the loading box, the same white strange square... how can i remove it?

and sorry for my english... my hebrew is better XD
feel free to correct my mistakes Smile
members related links should be added in header_welcimeblock_member template ...

private messages link , user profile link should be already available at the header !!

unable to get the other query - can you show thru an image what square appears ...
i will add the image tomorrow.

as for the buttons, i am using the blue steel style, and those link are in the bar at the bottom, but i don't like it when it is there, so i want to delete the black bar and put the links at the navigation bar..

here is a picture:

[Image: 70069922.png]

please help...
If you want to put the links outside of your header_welcomeblock_member template, and you want it to be displayed for a logged in user only, unfortunately, you need a plugin for that.
Use the Template Conditionals plugin and wrap your code like this:
<if $mybb->user['uid'] then>
//code here

That will hide content from guests.
i still can see those buttons when i logged out...
<if ($mybb->user['usergroup'] != '0') then>
//code here
nope... still can see it...
you can use this account to check it from the admin:

user: elephanti
pass: elephants
You need the Template Conditionals plugin.

Please link me to the plugin you installed.
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