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Full Version: Can I do this wat I ask
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Hello everyone Smile

I have made a Unsorted List and now I want that if people click on one of the list options that they go automatic to the tekst in the topic

I mean this

I made a list
  • install this
  • go to this
  • how to

and under I have wrote something like this

Install this:
bla bla bla

Go to this:
bla bla bla

bla bla

If people click on the Unordered Lists on go to this the topic go's automatic to the part of go to this wat I have made
And if people clicking on HowTo the get automatic go to the part from HowTo

I hope everybody knows what I mean Angel

Thanks allot
are you referring to create a menu ?
Thanks man!!! You the best, I have gif you reputation points!!! This was wat I looking for!!
Create two new custom MyCodes.

Regular Expression:
<a href="#$1">$2</a>

Regular Expression:
<a name="$1">$2</a>