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Full Version: Snip - Too Big!
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My signature was removed which wasn't actually that big. That's fair enough if you've changed your policy. What I found a little rude about this was that I was given no notification of this. A notice to amend my signature would have been nice as I could have altered it. But nope. Not a single message.

The image in my signature was 103px in height, and not very wide, with XX Small text underneath. I've seen a signature on the forum that's 100px in height. I'm not meaning to target anybody in particular, but this person's profile has an image sig 100px in height and text which is larger than the text in my sig was. Collectively, his sig is larger than mine was.

I'll assume my signature was snipped because of three vertical pixels in the image. It would be nice if you could tell others in a similar situation of their offending three pixels so they may remove the pixels as necessary.

Other sigs that are larger than mine was:

Are a maximum of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100 pixels
Animated GIFs are not permitted
Signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if also using a image
Do not use large text
Links must adhere to the Showcase Guidelines in terms of content and MyBB forums must display the minimum powered by message.
No referral links
I apologise for my ignorance. Nevertheless, there are two posters I quoted, one of which posts a lot more than me, with sigs still intact and having violated the rules above. I won't kick up a fuss about this as I now stand corrected. I should have followed the rules. I just didn't realise my sig was three pixels over the limit. I'd argue that the rules are a little flaky given how many pixels text lines can amount to, but I know why such rules are in place.

A PM would have been nice, but like I said, no hard feelings.
Awww Sad OP excluded me... out of all the people... me... I'm disappointed.
I forgot to count width. Well, this is the first time I've seen someone volunteer for sig removal. Toungue And hey, you're not the only guy with an animated GIF. Pfff. Wink
There is no automated way of checking if a signature is breaking the rules, hence the staff deal with them as they come across them or they're reported, resulting in a lot of users who probably have signatures that are breaking the rules but haven't come to staff's attention yet.

I have taken note of the user's you linked to and will be removing their signatures too shortly, in future you can use the report post to report the user's signature if you come across one that is breaking the rules.

Lastly, I do agree with you that a PM should have been sent but given that most of the staff here are already stretched thin and have limited time and alot to do when they come to the site it is possible that the staff that removed the signature simply assumed that you will see the note in your signature and moved on to save time, more so if you were online at the time. At times we staff also get restricted from sending the PMs if the user has disabled receiving PMs from anyone but their buddies (hopefully this problem will no longer be there in v1.6.5)
^^ Or maybe we can introduce a default MyBB feature to restrict Signature size?
(2011-11-03, 06:17 AM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]^^ Or maybe we can introduce a default MyBB feature to restrict Signature size?

Sounds like a good idea lol
lmao....have your sig snipped...then rage to police everyone's sig size
(2011-11-03, 06:17 AM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]^^ Or maybe we can introduce a default MyBB feature to restrict Signature size?

You can do this pretty easily with CSS, but yeah. Having this by default would be cool.
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