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Full Version: Signature Removed?
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Well, I just had my plugins list redirecting to Mybb mods site in signature, what was the issue with them?

- Are a maximum of two images with combined maximum dimensions of 500x100 pixels
- Animated GIFs are not permitted
- Signatures can contain a maximum of 5 lines of text or a maximum of 3 lines of text if also using a image
- Do not use large text
- Links must adhere to the Showcase Guidelines in terms of content and - MyBB forums must display the minimum powered by message.
- No referral links

You were violating the second one.
Oh cool, didn't knew cannot keep 5 lines of text.
rules is rules and I'm not complaining about them.

shouldn't that be something that can be set in group management settings?

user signature goes over, fails to allow and displays a notice.

then mods wouldn't need to police it and a user wouldn't need to be asking why his signature was removed
There's also a sig glitch the team is looking into.
That's god to know.
TY Paul
(2011-11-13, 09:06 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]There's also a sig glitch the team is looking into.

Yes, I am currently experiencing it as well. They are investigating.
Ha ha, its a possible bug, maybe of 1.6.5, I was informed by support team in private inquires forum, they know this and found out mostly what is causing this and said it'd be fixed soon.

[Image: 5a2094f71ef6488e963ca32.png]
Test to see if mine shows up. I AM THE 99% IT DOES
There is indeed a bug in 1.6.5 alpha, I think it occurs when users who have over 1,000 posts edit their signature. It will be fixed by release obviously.
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