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Full Version: Space out Menu links? HELP
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How would you space this out evenly?

[Image: 890183fd513b55d4c63927cbd9fea143.png]

Current theme:
Can I please have your board URL to help you better?
in the global.css find menu li and add
Thanks it worked.

Last question, really really important because I can't seem to find a fix for this, so PLEASE help me

Forum link

Here's the problem
When I minimize my window and I move my horizontal bar to the right, the whole theme gets cut off and it looks like this

[Image: c6380b325c8ae96ad28ae79a008efc06.png]

another screenshot from another user

[Image: 4IuOW.png]

This is an issue for ALL Apart 1 themes and the author addressed this issue here:

I tried what he said and still the problem still persists. He said it had something to do with using a customized top links menu.

How can I fix it?

That's a problem on how Apart was made. Are you sure you fixed it by the edits supplied? Make sure you clear your cache to show the changes.
Does anyone else have any suggestions? This theme does not work for people with small screen resolutions and its getting on my nerves
Bump, please help
Change the theme or ask the developer to help you out,
It may be a compatibility issue. So I recommend a different theme or PM the developer.