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Full Version: make html work on the postbit
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okay so I want to make a custom field for members to link to their other accounts and also have it show up in the postbit. I redid how the posts look thinking that would make it so HTML would show up from the custom fields but it still doesnt work. Is there a way to make it so that it will? Thank you!
Hope this is want you wanted.

HTML in Posts - Click Here
No im looking for something on the left side. Like when you add the custom field information to show up in the post bit on the side bar too I want HTML to be able to show up in it. But thank you!
Can you be more specific about what you're trying to do?
Something like this

I want to add things like this to the postbit area and the link would be in the User CP as a custom field where people could type in the code for a url to their other accounts and it actually work as a link instead of showing up as the html instead.
bumping this back up
Ah that requires a plugin.
Is there one already out for something like this?
No there is not.