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Full Version: Spammers: Ban or Delete??
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Within 10 days I've had 110 new members. I'm 99% convinced they're spam.

- They all have the same e-mail format: [email protected]
E.g. [email protected]

- None of the user names match or look similar to their name-related e-mail addresses, as mentioned above.
E.g. JeffreyCraig's e-mail address, above, has the username Alla2026

- I've received no new posts from any of them.

- They all use the same e-mail host.

What's my best course of action? Ban or delete?

You're the administrator. It's up to you.
I'd prefer ban over delete. Deleting them can cause them to re-register. Yes if you're running pretty large forum, you could prune them, but if its a medium sized, ban is a good option.
I use the Spammers Be Gone plugin that deletes them, bans there email etc.
I prefer that because it doesnt clog up my member list or banned list full of spammers.
Ban their IPs and delete them if you are sure they are spammers.
Ban them to show others that you are actively keeping an eye on things. better still get this plugin it works Smile
I usually delete them. I don't need spammers in my database.
If they are block that email.
I'm now up to 250 members 95% of which are spammers. I've recently activated these 2 plug-ins: Akismet and Stop forum spam but I'm still getting some spammers. Is there a way I can filter all new members so they can't post unless I approve them? We don't have a huge forum right now so it would actually take less time to filter and approve than to ban IPs and IDs.
Why don't you use recaptcha plugin which now comes with mybb 1.6.5 ? I am positive that these are bots which auto register.
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