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This is a new project of mine i am working on

As you might of guessed from the name its is a blog for mybb, With the difference that all members of the blog can add topics and posts. e.g. if you have released a theme you can show it off on the blog.

Please have a look and register hopefully i would like to create a great resource for mybb Smile
Need staff for the project......

* 1 Admin ( Forums & Blog )
* 2 Moderators ( Forums )
* Writers for the blog
* Members for the forum

Please PM me here or on
I like your site, very professional looking. Smile
Thanks i would like to see you on there Smile
I've just registered.

I'll try and help out... or something. Toungue
Smile would you be interest in an admin job??
PM at your site sent.
Ryan Ashbrook Wrote:PM at your site sent.

PM replied and admin rights given Smile
Very good idea! I've signed up. Perhaps I could be a writer?
Sure just go to ....

and you will automatically be able to post on the blog Smile Look forward to seeing some of your stuff
hmmmm server must be down, can't get to it
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