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Full Version: uDezain - High quality MyBB themes.
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[Image: logo2.png]

uDezain is a forum where I plan to upload all my themes to keep a track of them, hopefully this will give me some extra time to create more themes. Although there may be some adjustments around the forum in need, I will star uploading all my current themes in the next days.

In this next weeks I will start creating an new and awesome theme for you all, I will post some preview images and information in the development forum (still no created) when ready to show more that nothing Smile

Please review and visit the site if you wish to. Go.

.See Ya!
Nice theme. Good luck. Smile
Nice site, but side bar when clicked goes down for some reasons.
(2011-11-18, 02:20 AM)kavin Wrote: [ -> ]Nice theme. Good luck. Smile

Thanks Kavin.

(2011-11-18, 03:30 AM)Yaldaram Wrote: [ -> ]Nice site, but side bar when clicked goes down for some reasons.

I will check that, can you please tell me what browser do you use?
For some odd reason i don't even see the sidebar.

I've sidebar and it works fine here on clicking collapse button, nice effect there, keep it up.
The site has been updated.

Feel free to visit it:
to be fair themes are just ok mate.
Site is not loading for me at this moment.
Site is ok now, right? Thanks for comments.
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