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Full Version: [Request] Can we get Your Threads Your Posts links on this site?
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Can this be implemented on

I think it would a simple and useful addition it very useful to have my own threads one click away, instead of having to get there from my profile, or by looking at 'View New Posts'.

I know you can view your Latest Threads from your User CP, but i still think that a link to all threads would be great.

In your profile, you have (Find All ThreadsFind All Posts)..

It's just ONE click away from you so don't be lazy Smile
here is a simple userscript for the required purpose
(it is for firefox + Greasemonkey users & Chrome users)

note : put actual user id for uid=abcdef eg. uid=29509

[Image: mylinks.png]

(above image link)

// ==UserScript==
// @name             my links
// @description     a couple of useful links for myBB community users
// @author 
// @version         1.0 (2011/11/18)
// @namespace      
// @include*

// ==/UserScript==

// Usage: Edit the customhtml variable below to put required links  

( function () {

  var customhtml = 
   " | <a href=>My.Threads</a> | <a href=>My.Posts</a> |"  ;

// widens links class block if required  
// GM_addStyle(".links {width: 600px !important;}"); 

  tds[0].innerHTML += customhtml;


Thanks ranjani once, again. I will give that a try.