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Full Version: Banner request
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Hey guys. I have a request here, since my GFX skills absolutely fail, can some one make me a banner?

I need a 468x60 banner it should say PSVitals(.net) and a slogan (I don't really have something set in mind, if you can think of something good that'd be awesome, if not just "PS Vita news, rumors, and downloads" will do fine)

In return I can give you a link (forever) in the affiliates bar on the side, or a 125x125 ad on the side bar for 4 months. is my site if you want to look at colors. I don't really care about colors as long as it looks good ^.^
I can try and do this for free when I have the time.
I had some time to give it a quick go.

[Image: SMjYB.png]
^.^ Looks nice david!

Lets see what pdtrx can come up with then I'll pick one.
I made a couple myself.

468 x 60

468 x 120

If you pick either of those I don't need any adspace, just happy to help out.
Let me know if you want my work Smile

[Image: af7f776275.png]

[Image: a3110e64df.png]
Wow! All three of these look really awesome!

I'll think about it and pick one soon.

Thanks guys ^.^
I'm a beginner but here is mine i dont care what yall do with it.