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Full Version: can word filter create links?
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While at work today I thought to my self it would be great if every time a member tipes 'bonsai' it automaticly became come to bonsai (I added the space so it don't look like I'm spamming).

I've tryed to replace in word filter but it don't work. Is there another way???
Simple plugin could do it. PM me with what you want find/replaced and I'll do it.
yes, the word filter can do it just fine.
search: bonsai
replacement: [ url = http : // www . bonsai . com ] bonsai [ / url ]

obviously remove the spaces
I tried this Pavemen, It came up with the linked 'bonsai' but the code was included =o/

I think pavemen forgot the ' and the ' around the URL?
its an issue of message boy versus subject. The word filter will apply to both the body and subject, but the subject is not parsed for the mycode. sorry for misleading, i did not think about the subject issue.
Its ok mate. I think it would be a good plugin for all though. Not something this newbie could do though. lol
I got it working i think!

Just replace bonsai with:

<a href="">bonsai</a>

That took me to google.
I just tried it with my forum mybonsai co uk and it didn't work =o/

You did mean to replace in word filter didn't you?
yeh let me ss what i did in my test.
[Image: pP28B.png]
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