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There seems to be a width error on the tcat for author. Please take a look at the screenshot.

Please fix this. Thanks!
Same thing with mine, I'm using Firefox by the way.
Oh, forgot to mention. Thanks pdtrx. I am using Google Chrome 15.0.874.121 on Mac OS X Lion.
Any updates on this issue?
Always was like that, happen in all the themes..
I don't see the problem...
A way to solve the problem, is using min/max-width, but that brings even more problems..

That is how the mybb default theme is written Jason.

The only way to solve it could be recoding the classic template, but you know...
(2011-11-24, 05:35 PM)Paul H. Wrote: [ -> ]I don't see the problem...

Swtich to class view, and view the two posts Jason did. The lines don't match. It's an easy fix really. It just breaks when someone has a huge username.
I don't think it's much of a problem. The tables expand to fit any size username, and the tcat takes the width of the largest one. While it might not look great, it's a versatile solution to fitting large usernames.