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Full Version: Site has major performance issues.
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Hi guys!!! I have been using mybb for quite some time now, and my forum has also grown...... But as it has grown so have the problems.
Ok so here it goes, my site has around 20000 members but not too many posts, and there are around 100 users online at the average. They are basically university students, so they just browse stuff, and download assignment solutions etc.
Now my website had performance issues from the start, but they were not bad enough. But as the users started to grow, so did the problems. My website recently got kicked by hostmonster due to "performance issues". I have moved to another host who has given me around 256 mb ram and around 20 entry process limit. Not there is a major issue with the script I guess, because it really consumes all of the ram 24/7 and the cpu usage falls below 90%, in addition to that, the entry processes limit is also exhausted all the time, the result? A lot of "RESOURCE LIMIT REACHED" error pages.
Now at first I thought this was due to a lot of active users, so I changed the tables from MyIsam to Innodb, still no result. I have tried various techniques but I still can't get around these problems. To make matters worse, the board is growing very quickly. And I do not know how to handle this. At first I disabled some plugins, it did reduce the number of active sql queries, but it had no effect on the cpu, memory usage. SO I really do not know how to deal with this, and seeing bigger boards active on the same hosts I have tried, I am getting frustrated.
I am ready to give cpanel and adminCP access to my forum, but please do help me, I would really appreciate it.
The forum name is
Quote:And this piece of information might help you guys
Generated in 0.7647381 seconds (58.11% PHP / 41.89% MySQL)
SQL Queries: 14 / Global Parsing Time: 0.1415660 / Memory Usage: 51.25 MB
PHP version: 5.2.17 / Server Load: 4.09 / GZip Compression: Enabled
I'm no expert but your memory useage is quite high (mine is 8mb). may help.
@Malcolm, yeah I made those threads with the purpose to learn, how to convert my tables to Innodb.
Yeah exactly, I just do not know how to deal with this, and I am getting frustrated.....

Don't make duplicate threads.