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Full Version: Wiki team.
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You guys need a wiki team. I know once in a while I'll look through a page or two and edit it. But you need to grab some people to do the wiki dedicately. (I'm not volunteernig, it needs a lot of work Toungue)

A lot of documents have outdated information, or just have been neglected, or aren't even relavent anymore.

Iunno. I was editing a page today and just thought I'd say this.
I'm procrastinating, and I've found things as outdated as 1.2 there :/ It needs pretty much an overhall.

Plus on my defence, that entire week, I was plastered.

I'm surprised at my spelling.
Just so you know Mark I find that be a horrible excuse Toungue.
(2011-11-27, 12:33 AM)Alex Smith Wrote: [ -> ]Just so you know Mark I find that be a horrible excuse Toungue.

I don't know, I'm looking at some of the GD forums I'm a part of, my posts are very... creative to say the least.

Regardless of what I said then, I was wrong. There happens to be a shattonne more to do then i perceive. (Hitting random 20 times really opens a lot up)

Also; The wiki should have a lot of information about developing and the development. Maybe make it a bigger hub then it is.
Is there a way I can write wiki pages? I know I can edit existing (maybe I will do a few) but also I'd like to do some theming tutorials etc.
You should be able to make wiki pages if you're logged in.
[Wiki: MyBB_Wiki:Todo_list] (Broken link, head over to instead) Smile
We actually originally had one, Ryan Gordon and Justin both joined as part of the wiki team I think.

Anyone is free to edit the wiki so I'm not sure an official wiki team is needed (I think that's why the original wiki team was removed).

If you're looking for ways to contribute back to the project and you're not a good plugin developer, you're not good at finding bugs and the people in the support forums annoy you but you can explain things clearly then maybe contributing to the wiki is a good option Smile
I don't have the time. I edit the one page I edit.
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