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[Image: 4FcrsP.png]
MonsterGaming is a new site based around gaming, it's been live 2 days, has a nice theme and a few sections for people. Lith/Jesse/psy is helping co-founder with myself.

Theme: TheCure
[Image: statsig.php]

All constructive criticism is welcome, and any comments are appreciated.

Note: I understand Gaming is an overcrowded niche, but I am going to try hard.
Theme looks great.

"Gaming is an overcrowded niche..."
How will you be "a bit different" and not like so many other gaming sites?
Good start though...
Thanks seeker.

I'm not 100% sure yet, hopefully just release cool things that will draw users back.
Google SEO installed, as well as My Awards. Official Twitter created too,
I would suggest suggest focusing on a particular subject, not tackling all of them all at once.
But, that's just me and you can run your forum however you want.
What do you mean Richard? Like not have the Miscellaneous section?
That would be a start (especially the Programming and Coding forum).

I was talking more about tackling one console (or from one particular company, such as Sony's PlayStation, Microsoft's Xbox, etc.) or game.

(11-30-2011, 01:40 AM)Shannon Wrote: [ -> ]What do you mean Richard? Like not have the Miscellaneous section?

Good point, we need to focus on our niche and draw users rather than have more section.
I'm sort of thinking about a point to start with, so far our niche is broad, but I'll find something out that will make it more, "there". I was thinking along the lines of game hacking (not stealing accounts, but modifying.) I know some people who can code.
That would be great and hopefully would bring users to the forum.
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