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Full Version: 1.6.5 this concerns me! - imediate help requested
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The text below was copied from my ACP. What can or should I do?? I need help! (Or did I just totally screw-up the upgrade process?
[NOTE: My site's hosting server, my PC and my network connection ALL were being very 'uncooperative' during the upgrade process.]

Quote:The following errors were encountered:

The templates below matched known security issues. Please review them.

Check Templates
MyBB Master Templates
The Master Templates have been altered. Please contact the MyBB Group for support on how to alter these.

I'm also very curious about a file that keeps showing up in my forums folder named ".DS store". -- I'm thinking that's not good?! I've deleted it twice, so far, but it keeps getting added ...Arrgghhh!! I pretty sure you guys aren't putting it their and I know I'm not! Soo... WTF? What is it?
Edit the templates specified and replace {$config['admin_dir']} with {$admin_dir}.
Even after making those changes, to the best of my ability, the same errors are still reported when I use the "Check Templates" tab.
As the variables were used in previous versions of MyBB's templates, it is safe to ignore those errors. Smile