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Site Name: ~~snip~~
Site Link: ~~snip~~
Site Genre: Community for everyone

~~snip~~ is a fresh community just been developed and on its way through maintenance but that still wont effect speed or connections, We allow all discussions All legal of course Eg: General Discussions, OS Talk, Ethical Hacking, Gaming, Anime/Manga, Graphics, WebMaster and any suggestions will be considered

I encourage you to signup and please help promote, It may be a small community as we have just started and gotten most stuff in order.

It is free to sign-up

We also need staff

It's either the wrong link or down. Not loading.
I don't have a problem loading it
Not loading here.
ive cleared my cache 7 times it works for me

and im half way around the world
It probably needs DNS to resolve. It needs about 24 hours in most servers.
I just stopped apache F5 didnt load started apache again then bam it still works maybe it Directadmin or apache doing something odd
As per rules-

Quote:It must meet the support eligibility requirements (ie. No porn, no warez, no hacking, etc.)

but your forum description is-

Quote:Ethical Hacking, Gaming, Anime/Manga,

so no promotion here.

Ethical is Ethical Whitehat which consists of server protection and others
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