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Full Version: Web Host Guide:
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I just uploaded my first forum website ever and am looking for constructive criticism Shy Oh, and please feel free to join and post... I need members to get it started. Thanks!
Good domain. IMO that theme is over used, maybe consider a custom one?
Thanks for the suggestion Booher, being a total newbie to the myBB I didn't realize that. Good advice and much appreciated!
Nice domain!
Ah 3 lettered domain names, I always love them. You can make good use of this if used properly, good luck.
I think however theme is overused, but its still nice. I liked your site.
Add some content. No one would join an empty site.
Too many 0 there Smile
But I like design.
Nice domain name.

Hope WHG will be big same as WHT .

Themes looks good Smile
I like your domain look like good domain Smile
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