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Full Version: How to keep spamming at bay?
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Hi there,

I have recently set up a forum and have been having lots of problems with spamming, I have added captcha to the forum to try and stop bots from registering.

The thing we are noticing the most at the moment is that everyone that joins at the moment seems to have their Birthday on the same day, can only think that these members are all spam as most are leaving their website details in their profile. Is there a way to stop members joining adding their website details as I think this may help a bit, any other suggestions would be greatly welcome as it is driving me mad Angry

If you click the link to our forum below you will see that 28 people seem to have a Birthday today, which is very unlikely given that we only have 137 members?

Many Thanks
implement suggestions from the responses here ..

You should definitely add the Registration Security Question plugin, add your own questions and answers to the registration page (example: What's 4+2)...
Thanks chaps all sorted now Smile