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Full Version: MySupport issue - and attachment issue
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I'm sure this was brought up some time ago, but the issue still exists and I was surprised it hasn't been fixed.

When adding a manual thread subscription, the following text shows above the UCP sidebar:


It's obviously a problem with the MySupport plugin and I was just surprised it hadn't been rectified.

EDIT: I also just attempted to add an attachment and got an Error 500. Not sure why exactly as the attachment is just a PNG image of the issue.
There's an internal thread about this.

Quoted from the man himself:

MattRogowski Wrote:I thought we had fixed this again... what the hell. OK I'll look at it tonight.

That was this morning. It should be fixed soon. Smile
Ah, fair enough. I'm still facing the attachment issue, however. I'm not sure if it's only happening in this forum or anything, but I cannot attach an attachment to this thread at all.
There's some 500 errors around the place, it must be to do with the changes made to the server when it went wobbly a week or so ago.
Ok, cheers Tomm.