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Full Version: Redirect after registration?
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Hey guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible for me to make it so that after a guest registers, instead of them being redirected to the home page, they are redirected to a page of my choice? How can I do this?

That plugin gives me:

Quote:MyBB has experienced an internal SQL error and cannot continue.

SQL Error:
1146 - Table 'my_databasename.mybb_mybb_templates' doesn't exist
INSERT INTO mybb_mybb_templates (title,template,sid) VALUES ('redirectafterregistration',' {\$headerinclude} {\$header}
{\$footer} ','-1')
Replaced the database with my.databasename. But it seems it attempts to add another database name after it.
open redirectafterregistration.php in a code editor (eg. notepad++)

find below code around line 62
$db->insert_query(TABLE_PREFIX."templates", $template);

change it to below code ; save the file & use it
$db->insert_query("templates", $template);