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Can you disable thread star ratings?
Or atleast just people with +5 reputation or something like that should be able to rate topics.

Everyone is random 1 star rating topics :/
Look here for example:

Almost every topic has 1 star, no topic has 5 stars :/
There are more sections :/
You can disable it in a per forum basis or:

Also, you can create a group promotion so that only sertain users can rate threads:
Yeah but i mean it should be also disabled here in this community.
To be honest 99% of those threads in the showcase forum deserve 0-1 stars, I've just seen ONE decent forum in there, most of them were just copying Labrocca's forum, either the concept or the theme, or repetitive ideas (Pokemon forums, very very general forums, no-niche forums), or some forums you can't trust (get-free-traffic forums, online marketing forums, earn-money-posting forums)... Blah Blah Blah

Nothing creative

I will add one more thing, I don't like it when I see a new thread (whether in the showcase or general support) with 5 star rating, which means the author has given his thread 5 stars, I automatically give 1 star (whether the subject is interesting or not).
I don't know why users take the time to rate their own threads, do somebody search threads by their rate or something? I don't think so.

//wrong thread.
I believe the problem about disabling thread rating is that the community forums are a kind of a demo for MyBB. The thread rating in the community forums show that they are a feature of MyBB.
imo the whole feature needs a rework. I'm tempted to write a bot to upvote everything.
I could easily write a bot to vote all of my threads 5 stars here Toungue
(2011-12-12, 10:42 PM)Tom K. Wrote: [ -> ]I could easily write a bot to vote all of my threads 5 stars here Toungue
Very easy. Toungue

GetElementById and invoke.member(click) is what you need. Wink