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Full Version: Changing Domain and Host
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I need to transfer the forum to another domain, right now its but i want it to go to and the host is different as well so ill need to make back ups of the database of course and re upload them... already done.

But i need help in is the process of re configuring the forums so that it points to the right database, cookies are set, and etc

thanks in advance and i need help quick
Edit inc/config.php inc/settings.php and then log into your admin panel and change the settings in there.
alright ill be trying that and thanks, i knew there was a config file somewhere but i didnt know where
alright im looking at it and i know some of the things i need to change but not 100% sure. Which things am i soppose to change? incase i miss one thats all
Oops, sorry, not inc/config.php, inc/settings.php.
Oh, and:

no u are right... well u just added onto it. I do have to change the config also becasue the database link is going to be different and same with the password for it and username and all that stuff
I told you how to change the settings, what is up now?
nothing now i got it all but thanks