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Full Version: Virus warning, address blocked by AV
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I cannot find the link anywhere in that thread.

We cannot do anything about the speed of the site. Chris is 8,000 miles away from where he lives. Just be patient.
I don't get anything when I go there.
(2011-12-20, 07:00 PM)Pirata Nervo Wrote: [ -> ]I don't get anything when I go there.

Me either and I'm using ESETs Smart Security...
Well, the server needs scanned for viruses anyway, you guys need to check the properties of the avatars in those threads to see if the URL of one of them is infested.

The site is a lot faster at the moment, maybe you need to limit all these banners in signatures that are run here and force users to go with text signatures.

The virus is in this members avatar that is not showing.
Dealt with.

The user hasn't been online for a year so I won't take any further action.
Maybe you guys should not allow remote serving of avatars, this is not the first time forum users have done this, I caught the same thing with a server scan with signature images one time.
To be aware, it isn't a virus. I believe ESET (and others) block all domains by default.
All i have to say is you can't magically put a virus into a picture... pictures don't execute.
It's just a false positive.
false on already postive, once add domain, i see your domain , i can access your domain
control Setting add * domain extras reason domain false negative! I can see you !

co.zz is and is false positve!
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